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there's a canopy of stars

and i just miss you like crazy

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Birthdate:Apr 1
Website:paradisim rpg
there's a canopy of stars
name;"Hi~mi~tsu!" (it's a secret!)
alias; Cissnei
age; 22
dob/star sign; February 4th Aquarius
gender/species; Female Human
height/weight; 155cm (5' 1") 51.7kg (114lbs)
hair/eye color; Light Brown Hazel
friends/coworkers; Zack Fair TsengReno Rude
VeldVincent ValentineReeve TuestiElenaMari
enemies; Depends on her orders
love interest;Zack None~!

[the mun]

mun; Jen kniqht
disclaimer; This is a role-playing journal for Paradisim.
Cissnei and Final Fantasy VII et al © Square Enix.
All content is fictional and for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.

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